Easy access to pediatric behavioral health

What We Do

MindNest Health is a digital parent training system that enables parents to use the same clinically validated behavior interventions with their kids that are used by experts at academic centers. Our platform was designed by doctors at the Yale School of Medicine to support parents while they wait for care.


Our ADHD program enables parents to try behavior therapy first, before medication–or, at the same time.


Our tantrum tool trains caregivers in behavioral parenting approaches that are AAP first line treatment for young children.


Our Autism Spectrum Disorder program trains parents to implement clinically validated behavioral interventions

Coming soon


Coming soon

Substance use

How It Works

Become an expert

Our programs are based on clinically validated approaches that work.

Apply the Lesson to Life

Practice your new skills first and then, use them all day long.

Get Real Coaching

More than moral support, coaches help you identify and attain specific goals.

Why we’re unique

Family Support + Training

We take evidence-based parent training from academic centers and make it scalable to help every child reach their potential.

Wellness + clinical

We change the approach to pediatric behavioral health with parent-centered training programs. We can get you more help if you need it.

Removing barriers / stigmas / fears

We extend the reach of an overloaded child mental health system and make training and support accessible to everyone.

Who is MindNest Health for?

Parents + Caregivers

We empower families with easy access to tools and training anywhere, anytime.

Health Providers

We help improve outcomes and patient satisfaction by breaking down the walls between the clinical world and wellness.


We partner with employers and their health plans to lower costs and enhance employee health and well-being.

About Us

David Grodberg, MD, MS

The founder of MindNest Health, David serves as the medical director of the Yale Child Study Center outpatient service.

Salimah Velji, MPH, MBA

Salimah is our Director of Clinical Operations.

Sri Muthu, MBA

Sri is our Chief Technology Officer and the former head of the Wells Fargo innovation lab.

News and Events

Awarded Connecticut Innovations Biopipeline Pilot Grant

MARCH 2017

Clinical trial of autism program now enrolling at Yale; funding provided by Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics Network.

January 2018

Abstract presentation at International Society for Autism Research (INSAR) meeting in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

MAY 2018

Winner of Yale New Haven Health System SPARQ innovation award. QI project launch in Yale Pediatrics.

September 2018

Clinical trial of Tantrum Program at Yale; funding provided by American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

October 2018

Blue Sky Autism Project Launch in UK.

October 2018

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